Feb 6, 2021

dbdiagram.io Roadmap and Release Notes

Welcome to dbdiagram.io Roadmap.

👉 Feel free to add your feature requests or bug reports by joining our community here!

🚀 Upcoming

  • Support Not Null/Null

  • Highlight Relationship Types

  • Better experience when viewing foreign diagram

  • Toggle to Show Relationship Types

📦 Backlog

  • Support Enum Syntax

  • Many to Many Relatonship

  • Export PosrgreSQL with varchar(255) not null

  • Suggest fields when creating relationships

  • Zoom 150%

  • Able to change table's headers

Nov 29, 2018

November Updates

ğŸž Bug Fixes

  • Sometimes, the cursor jumps to the end of the editor

  • Sometimes, relationship types doesn't change

  • DSL Error Handling

Oct 30, 2018

October Updates

Table Alias

For the long name table now

Import From PostgreSQL and MySQL

Sep 29, 2018

September Updates

Drag and Drop to Create Relationships

Able to Comment in Code

Navigate to any Table Defintion just by Double Clicking the Table Name

Cmd/Ctr + S to Save Your Diagram

Export Database Diagram to PostgreSQL and MySQL

Noting.io BETA